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The most advanced lettings tool for the UK market.

100% Cloud. 100% Mobile. Unlimited users. We want everyone to use PropertyLoft from everywhere, every time.

More lettings.In Less Time.

We don't let the burden of Admin hold you back.

Simplest Pricing Structure. Ever.

Just starting out?

Are you a private landlord or small agency just becoming aware of the administrative burden of lettings or concerned about compliancy?

  • Up to 5 properties
  • Ideal for start-up agencies & private landlords
  • All the features at a low fixed monthly cost

Grows with you.

Has your agency or portfolio expanded? If you need your workload lightened by efficient software and innovative thinking then PropertyLoft is for you.

  • PropertyLoft grows with your business
  • Dedicated helpline and support
  • Your price only rises as your income grows

Already Grande?

If your Agency is looking for a fresh new web app that will give you the edge over your competition then PropertyLoft is built with you in mind.

  • PropertyLoft can cope with any size of business
  • Supports multi-branch agencies
  • Gives managers the information they need

Five reasons to choose

Why to choose us

We don't support sales, and we never intend to. PropertyLoft has been built specifically to simplify the administrative burden of running a rental property portfolio.

Our amazing tool allows you to stay on top of all aspects of lettings administration whilst encouraging compliancy and best-practices throughout.

We believe small ideas can have a big impact. PropertyLoft offers many features that save you time & make you seem both professional & attentive.

See below for a list of some of our key features.

PropertyLoft lives both in the cloud and in your pocket.

Whether on holiday or just watching your children play football where ever you can get an internet connection you can deal with queries on any smart phone or tablet.

We know web developers don't see the rental business the same way lettings agents do, and we're sure that applies ten-fold in reverse.

From day one PropertyLoft has been built in conjunction with the owners of a long established multi-branch agency responsible for over 700 contracts.

We know it's unacceptable to be expected to guess your way through using software critical to both your business and your reputation.

PropertyLoft encourages training, offers industry-best online resources and offers live telephone support 6 days a week, from 9am - 6pm.


All of these features are already available and we'll be adding over 100 more in 2015. If you want to see our roadmap please register below.

Cloud Based

Access PropertyLoft from any internet connection whilst we keep your data backed-up and secure.

Smart phones & Tablets

Built from the ground up to support the latest devices - support your Tenants and Landlords from everywhere.

Texting & SMS

Communication is key. Contact any Landlord, Tenant or Supplier by SMS in one-click without leaving PropertyLoft.

No Hassle Statements

Take the pain out of the monthly grind with statements delivered by email or posted automatically at the click of a button.

Letters & Document Storage

PropertyLoft helps you write and send letters painlessly. It can also collect all of your paperwork into one place, available everywhere.


Need to know who changed what and when? PropertyLoft keep full notes on who amended your Contracts, Properties, Accounts and much more.

Best in Class Inspection Scheduler

Map overview lets you arrange your inspections in a logical order for only those days that Tenants are available saving you time and frustration.

Maintenance Management

Stay on top of organising, billing and managing those property issues. From refurbishments to leaky taps PropertyLoft makes you look attentive without the hassle.


Feeds to major Property Portals, Window Displays, Viewings, Tenant Applications - PropertyLoft is an invaluable tool in marketing your properties.

Marketing Analysis

We know which portals and adverts are serving you well so you know the best places to spend those advertising £££s.

Online Training

As well as traditional in-office training PropertyLoft offers exemplary online resources and even offers informal qualifications in each area key to your business.

Private Landlords

Sounds like more than you need? In late 2015 we're launching a version of PropertyLoft aimed to meet your specific needs, and no more.

All of this, backed up by our Single-Minded Support

Meet the team

Steve Davies

Steve Davies

Industry Expert

“PropertyLoft is the culmination of my 25 years experience in Lettings. We have over 700 tenancies across multiple branches and with PropertyLoft we can confidently push for more business.”

Matt Stanley-Webb

Matt Stanley-Webb


“PropertyLoft is set on being the fastest growing provider of lettings software in the UK, and to achieve this we've made PropertyLoft the most flexible, fully featured and easy to use lettings tool available.”

Tony Hogben

Tony Hogben


“From the very start of the design process I knew PropertyLoft had to be cloud based and mobile friendly. An enormous amount of work has gone into making the user experience attractive, consistent and easy to master.”

Greg McKenzie

Greg McKenzie

Business Development

“The freedom to check in on an issue or get some vital information from anywhere is liberating. My role is to make sure that everyone, from private landlords to agencies understand the benefits of PropertyLoft.”

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